Lies of Tahir-ul-Qadri exposed yet again


Islamabad, Dec. 31 (TNS): Controversial cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri has been declared ‘a man of immense contradictions’ by international media groups and intellectuals as he has been exposed several times for his lies and contradictions.

In a video Qadri claimed that he had left the Imamat (leading prayers) of mosque run by Sharifs in 1989 because Sharif brothers have sought his favour from him for their political gains.

But in another video in the same mosque, addressing to Jumma prayer, Qadri said Sharif brothers never sought his favour and he was leaving Imamat on personal ground.

Similarly, Tahir ul Qadri hasis has been exposed many times. On foreign media, he says that Pakistani Judges are very good and just and have therefore have not awarded death punishment for blasphemy.

But to Pakistan audience, he takes U-turn advocating capital punishment for those accused of blasphemy.
What is so outstanding about Qadri – in addition to the ambiguity surrounding his background and backers – is that he is a man of immense contradictions.

On the one hand, he preaches moderation and nonviolence. He famously issued a long fatwa against terrorism, and has also bragged that he is the only religious leader in the Muslim world who has condemned terrorism and armed struggle as unacceptable to Islam.

Yet on the other hand, he has often called for “revolution” in Pakistan – a word that in the Pakistani context has violent connotations. His supporters – a small but vocal group – have also been involved in violent protests in recent years.