Maria Puts rumors to rest, saying the man in viral photo’s is like her brother


KARACHI, April 25 (TNS): TV actress Maria Wasti was being criticized after her pictures with a handsome man on a beach while on a foreign trip went viral on social media.

However, commenting on the pictures, Wasti said that the man with him in the pictures is singer Johny Zaid.

Putting the rumors of marrying him to rest, Wasti said that Zaid is like her brother. People spread these rumors without any proof.

The actress said that she is free in taking decisions about her personal life and is not bound to give any explanation to anyone. But this is very sad that people spread false and baseless news.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that Wasti is on a trip to Italy with her mother where Zaid is also accompanying him.

When the actress shared the pictures from the trip on social media, it led to speculations that she is close friends with Zain and plan to marry him. Denying the news, Wasti said that she is on a family trip to Italy.