Maryam lashes out at opposition parties for making alliance with a “foreign national, grave digger of democracy”


LAHORE, Jan 08 (TNS): The daughter of former prime minister and leader of ruling party PML-N Maryam Nawaz has lashed out at the Qadri-led alliance of opposition parties for its anti-government movement from 17 of this month and “congratulated” the opposition parties for making alliance with a person, who has been involved in damaging democracy in the country.

“The person who is not the citizen of Pakistan and had the sworn to raise armed against Pakistan when needed and his loyalties only with foes of Pakistan has become the leader of so-called champions of democracy,” she said in her message on social media website Twitter.

“The fear of Nawaz Sharif political power and popularity has compelled the opposition leaders to gather around the Qadri, isn’t it the compulsion of history or else,” she said.