Media, teachers, parents and govt should jointly thwart threat to youth: Interior Minister Rangers to continue playing role till restoration of peace


KARACHI, Sep 12 (TNS): Federal Minister for Interior Affairs, Ahsan Iqbal has sought close coordination among media, educational institutions, government and parents to thwart the threats local youth are presently exposed to in the ongoing war against terrorism.

Talking to media persons here on Tuesday, following his visit to the Pakistan Coast Guards’ headquarters, he said almost unknown organisations as Ansar-ul-Shariah are registered to be silently creeping in and attempting to attract unassuming youngsters.

“We need an efficient and collective approach to protect our youth,” he said emphasizing that government was absolutely committed to eliminate the threat many of the youngsters are faced with.

Mentioning that most of the members of Ansar-ul-Shariah group have been nabbed, he said and added it was almost unknown till its involvement in an attack on senior leader of MQM (P) was established.

The Interior Minister said law enforcing agencies in Karachi are about to eliminate the group – bringing to task its members in minimum possible time.

In reply to a question, he said ever expanding Karachi that also holds its peculiar dynamics needed special approach to contain the menace of crime and terrorism.

Agreeing that terrorists were trying to lure youth through social media, the interior minister said this is a challenge of modern times and demanded all stakeholders to play their role.

Urging the media to realize its responsibilities in grooming the youth in real earnest, he said Higher Education Commission (HEC) has also been approached to ensure that students may not turn to ideologies promoting terrorism and militancy.


The minister expressed dismay at the trend of educated, university graduates joining terrorist organisations and said that he has directed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to take concrete steps to ensure students do not turn to ideologies promoting terrorism and militancy.

“Youth have access to social media, such groups create sensational, motivation videos to lure youth into

He said the coast guards have an important role for security sea trading lines and denying criminals to use the vast coast for their nefarious activities.

He said in view of the changing situation, the South Asian region has become economically important.

He said that some philosopher type people on the foreign direction were spreading negative propaganda against China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) project, adding their negative analysis could not damage Pak-China friendship.  Investors of Chine have changed the status of the country, he added.

He said that extremist and criminal elements were using sea route for smuggling illegal goods, adding that smuggling was a cancer which spoils the economy of the country. The interior minister said that the government was taking comprehensive steps for control of smuggling of prohibited goods.

Interior Minister said that Rangers would continue to play its role till restoration of complete peace in Sindh. He said the policies of the government as far as handling the terrorists are concerned would not change. He said the government with the support of army would make the operation Raddul Fassad successful.

He expressed regret over the controversy over appointment of Inspector General of Police Sindh, saying that Sindh government had assured to resolve the issue over IGP’s appointment.

He hoped that working relationship between IGP and Sindh government would improve.