Meera’s stuttering in English goes viral


Islamabad April 7 (TNS): Actor Meer’s short but very blunt, candid and brutally honest conversation in broken English with BBC’s Haroon Rashid has gone viral, causing a huge round of applause and heckling from her fans and critics alike.
The BBC reporter, who seems to be in a jovial mood, engages Meera on the sidelines of the Lux Lifestyle Awards, encounters and begins by telling her in Urdu if she, being a celebrity, knows about her worldwide followers. The actor, who is often made fun of for her poorly spoken English, replies very candidly in English saying “seriously, I know, please follow me on Twitter@The MeeraJee”. “And I have my twitter page and the Insta… Instagram page.”

The BBC reporter, who says he is a twitter friend of her (Meera), poses a rather serious question this time around, telling her that as a role model if she knows she has inspired so many women…. this question puts the actor in an awkward situation and she seems to be suffering from the burden of the question before she gathers the thoughts to stutter out “I.. I… yes, yea,” while the reporter deeply and seriously gazes into her eyes. The conversation ends on a good note