Meesha attacks Ali Zafar again alleging she was not alone victim



Lahore, May 18 (TNS): Meesha Shafi recently once again took to social media to allege that she wasn’t the only one Ali Zafar has harassed.

Shafi responded to a tweet by a handler who asked her to name all the harassers and not to only target the Jhoom singer.

“Yes, only he harassed me but he didn’t harass me only. Get it?” she fired back. “Half a dozen other women coming forward are not enough for you all? How many will it take? Please share a number,” she added.

Previously, Shafi went public with her alleged ordeal, stating that she was sharing her story to break the culture of silence surrounding harassment and abuse in Pakistan.

It seems Meesha’s sexual assault allegations are going to keep resurfacing in the media for some time more.