Milk shops raided in Federal Capital: Tons of adulterated milk ceased


Islamabad— Consumers in federal capital were being supplied adulterated milk for quite some time. In this regard local ICT administration raided milk storage shops here on Thursday. Raid was conducted in early in the morning and after finding adulterated milk the complete supply chain was ceased in sector G-9. The owner was given warning and fined Rs30,000 for maintaining poor hygienic conditions.

Assistant commissioner Industrial Area Shoaib Ali while talking to TNS said that shop keeper was fined for selling poor quality milk. Besides overall hygienic condition of the shop was also detrimental to health of consumers. The shopkeeper was also not having a valid trading license since it was expired and workers at the shop were not having fitness certificate for working in a milk shop as per ICT administration food regulations.

Reportedly the tankers had been supplying milk adulterated with fertilizers and other chemicals to Islamabad’s bakeries and milk shops located in various sectors of the city.

A large number of local residents witnessed the operation. Meanwhile after the findings of the laboratory report and crackdown operation on milk suppliers from outside the city, the Islamabad district administration held an emergency meeting with Milk Sellers and Suppliers Association and agreed on a mechanism with regards to monitoring and checking of fresh milk supply to the federal capital. In the meeting it was decided that the association would devise a strong monitoring system and provide the numbers of all vehicles supplying milk to Islamabad administration for keeping a transparent check of quality of milk being supplied to different vendors across the city. The association will also provide a list of all the milk sellers to the ICT administration. A membership form will be issued to the suppliers and sellers of milk in which their details would be given and they would be required to complete and return those forms to the association within a week.

The membership will be renewed every three months and in case a member are found selling adulterated milk or using any chemical in their membership would be terminated and a case would be registered against them.

The association while agreed to the SOP of the ICT administration. Meanwhile, the news of adulterated milk being supplied to the capital has created unrest among the citizens. A number of families and citizens have demanded strict action against suppliers of adulterated milk sellers maintaining that such shopkeepers should be jailed and fined heavily.