Mush opens new Pendora Box, terms Zardari killer of BB, Murtaza


Dubai, Sept 21 (TNS): Opening new Pendora Box, former military dictator Pervez Musharraf has accused PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari of being directly involved in the assassination of Benazir and Murtaza Bhutto, days after he was accused of being involved in BB’s murder.

“The one responsible for all miseries of the Bhutto family as well as the assassination of Benazir and Murtaza Bhutto, is none other but [Asif Ali] Zardari,” Musharraf said in a video message released on Thursday.

“Zardari did nothing to investigate the murder of Murtaza Bhutto as he enjoyed his stay in the presidency for five years.”

Murtaza was shot dead in 1996 on his way home in Karachi. Benazir was prime minister at the time and this event brought down her government shortly after. In 2008, Zardari was acquitted of the charges of ordering the murder.