NAB chief says all major cases before the Bureau would be taken to logical conclusion


ISLAMABAD: Oct 11 (TNS): Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal who officially assumed charge as the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday said that all major cases before the Bureau would be taken to logical conclusion.

Justice (r) Javed Iqbal held an informal talk with media outside the Parliament House when he reached there to appear before Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights, and hoped that all the matters will be smoothly done. He affirmed to wind up all big cases and to not delay any proceedings. It is not new for me to face challenges, he commented.

The NAB chairman did not name the cases against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family but said that all the cases would be followed as per law  and no delay would be tolerated. He said cases against politicians would be dealt with on merit.

Rtd Justice Javed Iqbal  said he would complete all the major corruption cases like he completed the report of the Abbottabad Inquiry Commission and it is up to the government to release it.

He said dealing with challenges is not a new thing for him and no case would be allowed to linger on.

NAB chairman further added that he will continue to head Missing Persons Commission as its final report is in last phase, and will leave the commission after the completion of report.

Answering questions, the new NAB chairman said he had briefed the then prime minister about the Abbottabad commission report but perhaps he was not listening him seriously.

Earlier when Javed Iqbal reached NAB headquarters on Wednesday morning to formally assume charge as head of the federal anti-graft body, he was received by Deputy Chairman NAB and other officers.

Giving the officials their first task, the new NAB chief asked for the details of all outstanding cases, references and records.

Speaking in the committee, headed by Senator Nasreen Jalil, Iqbal said he has given importance to the Parliament and Constitution all his life.

He said the Balochistan missing persons’ numbers have been exagerrated.

Iqbal informed the Senate body that several foreign agencies and non-state actors are active in Balochistan.

He also said that the illegal confinement of people is unacceptable and that Pakistan is not a banana republic that people go missing here.