NAB refutes concerns of high-handedness meted out to anyone


KARACHI Nov 10 (TNS):  Apropos the news items appearing in different sections of media attributing alleged unfairness meted out to certain members of business community by NAB consequent upon arrest of one Abdul Hameed Agar, it is clarified that NAB conducts investigations in thoroughly professional manner with application of legal mind and due diligence at every stage of the case.

NAB Karachi took cognizance of illegal sales tax refunds on reports of Rs.2 billion scam, investigated several cases in thorough and fair manner and filed several References in trial court.

There were various arrests caused in those References too without taking into account any considerations whatsoever except the documentary evidence against the culprits that involved processing and sanctioning authorities in FBR and receivers of illegal proceeds in the form of bribe money and sales tax refunds claimed on basis of fake and flying invoices of non-existent and bogus business firms.  Such illegal refunds have been eating away the national exchequer without impunity and cost millions of rupees for personal individual gains, in each Reference.

It has been noted with concern during the course of investigation in such cases that even businessmen of sound stature, having firms located at Jodia Bazar Karachi in most cases, have accepted it as a norm by involving flying invoices in lieu of products sold to unregistered brokers.

It is incorrect to suggest that an arbitrary action was taken against businessman by causing his arrest, as the arrest was caused strictly under provisions of law.  Mr. Abdul Hameed Agar was afforded full opportunity of defense, however he chose to stay away at the stage of investigation. However, when he got arrested, he accepted his guilt voluntarily and returned illegal money to national exchequer under provision of Plea Bargain under section 25 (b) of National Accountability Ordinance 1999.  It may also be noted that several other businessmen have also voluntarily deposited money to the national exchequer under plea bargain provision when they were exhibited irrefutable documentary evidence against them.

NAB believes that no one is above law and the legal course is applied to all in the same manner. However, NAB is also cognizant of the sensitivities of business community and strongly supports promotion of commercial activities in country through fair and transparent means, said the press release.