NAB seeks cancellation of Doctor Asim bail extension


Islamabad July 14 (TNS): NAB filed an application for the cancellation of Doctor Asim bail extension on Friday and notification has been issued to the parties.

Lateef Khosa said that no charge has been framed against D.r Asim. This will happen if the case is registered for the sake of a political revenge. The application has been registered to take away the name of Dr Asim from EC. Dr. Asim has to go to Britain, said Lateef Khosa.

We are issuing notice and in coming week we will be hearing the case, said Justice Ejaz Afzal.

Lateef Khosa further said Dr. Asim should be allowed to go abroad for treatment. He is ready to give away all of his earnings.

Unbiased and transparent reports will come on surface. All the hospitals in Sindh are under the administration of provincial government. If new board is formed, Dr. Asim’s treatment is possible. For one person 10 boards have been formed, such example cannot be found in history, said Justice Ejaz Afzal.

The Supreme Court postponed hearing of the case till July 20.