NATO convoy comes under attack in Afghanistan


Kabul, Sept 11 (TNS): A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-packed car into a NATO military convoy wounding “a small number” of foreign troops and Afghan civilians Monday in Afghanistan, officials say.

The Taliban swiftly took credit for the afternoon attack near the U.S.-run Bagram military air base.

NATO’s Resolute Support mission said the wounded service members were taken to the Bagram hospital for treatment. “None of the injuries are considered life threatening,” it added, but did not reveal the victims’ nationalities, though reports identified them as American soldiers.

“The Afghan civilians were evacuated to a local hospital and their condition is unknown at this time,” according to the alliance statement.

A Taliban spokesman claimed the powerful blast destroyed three U.S. military vehicles and “killed and wounded 24 ‘invaders,'” a term the insurgent group uses for the NATO-led military coalition in Afghanistan. The Taliban often releases inflated claims for such attacks.

Last week a suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up at an entrance to the Bagram base, injuring “a small number” of U.S. soldiers, according to officials.