Nawaz demands to suspend NAB Ordinance, level playing field for political forces


Islamabad April 6 (TNS): Smelling a rat, former prime minister on Friday demanded that the so-called National Accountability Ordinance should be suspended until a new governed is voted to power after the next general elections as according to him, the NAB law was being used for political victimization.

Talking to the media, the former premier said that he will ask the prime minister to revisit the NAB law and suspend it until the new government is installed at the centre.

He also warned that manipulation or any attempt to postpone the general election will be resisted and he should not be compelled to summon a public call against the ongoing drama in the name of accountability.

Appreciating the statement of the chief justice about the democratic dispensation, he said that the top lawyer should also take note of anti-democratic voices, which call for a judicial coup or martial law.

He said that the chief justice should ensure that all political forces were allowed level playing field in the next elections, as he said, Pakistan belong to all and all political forces have equal right of doing politics. He said that a certain coterie has no right to rule the roost.

He minced no words in saying that he was being victimized while leniency was being shown to his political adversary Imran Khan, who he termed, the apple of some special forces’ eye.

Commenting on PPP Co-chairman Asif Zardari’s claim that he will not let the PML-N form its government in Punjab after the next polls, Sharif said that Zardari first secures 500 votes from any constituency in the province before making such claims.

Meanwhile, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai, who along with National Party chief Hasil Bezinjo, also showed up with Sharif at the trial court, said that parliament was supreme and it was the law-making body and all institutions were bound to follow the laws made by it.

He said that they were with the Constitution and will do anything to protect it. He said that both the judges and lawmakers take the oath on the same Constitution, and they work together to protect it.