Nawaz may prove a ‘soft target’ for attackers: Sources


ISLAMABAD, Aug. 5 (TNS): Despite the fact that a tight security plan for the arrival of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on August 9 in Lahore has been finalized, looming threats could still put his life at risk unless the finalized security plan undergoes swift overhauling; a highly-placed source told the TNS World on Saturday.

The PML-N passion to prove that its ousted leader is still very popular and enjoys a great following can make him a “soft target” for attackers, the source said.

The source further told that some family and political parties’ interests seem to have enhanced the likelihood that former prime minister could be targeted en route to his final destination, Lahore.

“The improved security plan was vital, not just to protect Nawaz, but to rebuild public confidence in such plans, the source added.