Nawaz’s ouster great concern for India: says Hindustan Times


New Delhi, July 28 (TNS): The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from holding public office by the top court of the country makes India upset.
A prominent Indian newspaper ‘Hindustan Times’ while giving it reaction on major political development in the country said that Nawaz’s disqualification immediately signals a period of continued political uncertainty among democratic forces in Pakistan.

“The real shift, and the one that will matter the most, will be the power equation between the PMLN and the Pakistani military. There is strong evidence to indicate that the sheer depth of Sharif’s electoral support had alarmed the Pakistani military and many of the protests and demonstrations against him have been fomented by Rawalpindi to remind him of who holds true power in Pakistan”, the daily said.
“The court ruling helps the military in that it has sharply reduced Sharif’s influence — and, over the long term, serves to shift the balance of power back towards the generals” ‘Hindustan Times’ alleged.
The daily went on to say: “The India-Pakistan relationship has been at an impasse for a number of years. The trajectory has been largely downward, as clear from the renewed skirmishing along the Line of Control and the present problems in Kashmir. However, they have been within certain manageable limits”.
“Nawaz’s departure from the political scene is almost certain to herald a period of volatility within Pakistan and, therefore, greater risk in relations between India and Pakistan”, it blamed.