Nehal Hashmi faces 9-year jail sentence


Islamabad June 3 (TNS): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and senator Nehal Hashmi could be sentenced to nine years in jail as Attorney General of Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf has written a letter to Attorney General of Sindh seeking to file a criminal case against him under sections 168, 228, and 505 of Pakistan Penal Code.

Nehal Hashmi, who is already facing a contempt proceeding in the Supreme Court while his basic membership from the PML-N has been revoked inquiry, and has resigned from Senate as a member, in a fiery speech that went viral on the social media threatened the investigators (JIT members and judges) for probing the prime minister’s son Hussain Nawaz and his family.

The Attorney General of Pakistan has written a letter to the Sindh government asking it to book Hashmi under the sections 168, 228, and 505 of PPC — all the three sections dealing with the issue of threats to government officials including threats given to an investigation officer during a court proceeding.

A person could be handed down a seven-year sentence under Act 505, a two-year sentence under section 228 and a six-month sentence under section 168.

Taking notice of the issue, the Supreme Court served a contempt notice on June 1 over his controversial remarks.

A video had gone viral on the social media in which Nehal Hashmi could be seen threatening the judges and JIT members, probing the Panama Papers case, of dire consequences once they retire from service.

“Who you are taking accountability from is the son of Nawaz Sharif. We will teach you a lesson and lay siege to you once you retire and make you an example,” Hashmi could be heard as saying while addressing party workers at a function. “Who you are taking accountability, will be held accountable,” Hashmi says in the video in an apparent allusion to the judges and JIT members, who have been investigating the Sharif family. “Whosoever is taking accountability, listen, we never forgive, and take avenge of the excesses meted out to us.”