NEPRA exposes govt claims on load shedding: JI


LAHORE, June 25 (TNS): Information Secretary of the Jamaat e Islami, Amirul Azeem, has said that the NEPRA report had exposed the government claims regarding load shedding.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner held by JI Mansoora circle, he said that since 2013, the rulers had been claiming that load shedding would be completely over b y2018. However, he said, the NEPRA report had clearly stated that the power crisis would not be over by 2018 and the rules claims in this regard were false and an attempt to befool the masses.

Amirul Azeem said that all big electricity thieves were sitting in the government and as long as the government did not kick them out, the line losses could not be controlled and the problem of load shedding could not be resolved.

He said that the Prime Minister had personally announced that there won’t be load shedding at Sehr and Iftar timing during Ramazan but the people had to face the problem even at Sehr and Iftar times. He said the rulers were intentionally keeping the people in the dark through false slogans.

However, he said that the masses would not believe the rulers anymore. He said that the government that could not fulfill any of its promises during the last four and a half years, could not be expected to do wonders during next six months.