No name had yet been proposed for new chairman NAB


Islamabad, Sept 28 (TNS): Amid attempts for replacement of Opposition Leader in NA, Khursheed Shah said that no name had yet been proposed for new NAB chairman.

In a statement Shah said he was in touch with all political parties and would expedite consultation after Ashura Muharram.

“I have held consultation with Tehreek-e-Insaf, besides meeting the prime minister. But neither the premier, nor the opposition has yet proposed a name for NAB chief,” he said, adding that only Jamaat-e-Islami has proposed a name for the post.

PPP leader said that he would suggest a unanimous name to the prime minister after consultation with all opposition parties. “People’s party decides on national affairs through consultation, while in the past too we took opposition parties into confidence on such matters.”

He further said if the government and opposition failed to reach a consensus on appointment of the NAB chairman, then the matter would be forwarded to concerned parliamentary committee.

Shah said the 12-member committee, which had six members each from the government and opposition, would appoint the NAB chief through voting.