North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit


Seoul, April 27 (TNS): In a historic development, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in hold meeting at their mutual border.

North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un crossed into South’s territory where South’s Korean President Moon Jae-in greeted him.

Both leaders ceremonially planted and watered a pine tree in the demilitarized zone following lunch and a break from talks.

The tree is from 1953, the year the Korean War armistice was signed. Kim used soil from a mountain on the southern island of Jeju while Moon used earth from Mount Paektu in the north.

Each leader watered the tree with water from the other’s territory.

After the tree planting, they each revealed a stone that commemorated the occasion, with the phrase “Peace and prosperity planted” on it. The leaders’ names and the date was also printed on the stone.

The two leaders hold a walk to the footpath bridge where the military demarcation sign is.

Courtesy: CNN/BBC