OGRA recommends reduction in petrol price and rise in diesel price


Islamabad, July 28 (TNS): Amid low prices in international market, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Friday recommends reduction in petroleum products’ price in the country.
The authority sent a summary to alteration in oil prices which will be Okayed by the Ministry of Finance.
According to summery OGRA recommended reduction in petrol prices as low as Rs. 3.67 per litre.
The regulatory authority also suggested new prices for kerosene oil, high speed diesel and light speed diesel.
Unlike petrol, prices of high speed diesel will go up by Rs. 5.7 per litre.
Dar has been disqualified by the top court and without any minister; Ministry of Finance is expected to approve the summary of OGRA in next few days.
The prices of petroleum products are applicable for August.