OIC appoints new officials in different groups


RIYADH May 7 (TNS): The Council of Foreign Ministers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has decided to appoint Yousif Mohammed Al-Dhubaeyi as the assistant secretary-general for political affairs.

According to Arab news, the OIC at its 45th session held in Bangladesh capital Dhaka to appoint Ambassador Samir Bakr Diab, a Palestinian official, as the assistant secretary-general for Palestine and Al-Quds affairs. Ambassador Tariq Bakheet, Ambassador Askar Mussinov, Ambassador Ahmad Ssengendo and Ambassador Musa Kulaklikaya have been appointed as assistant secretaries-general at various positions.

On the first day of the meeting, Ambassador Bakheet from Sudan was elected the assistant secretary- general for cultural, family and humanitarian affairs in the Arab group.


Ambassador Mussinov of the Republic of Kazakhstan was appointed as assistant secretary-general for science and technology affairs within the Asian group, Ambassador Ssengendo of Uganda as assistant secretary- general for economic affairs and Ambassador Kulaklikaya of Turkey as OIC assistant secretary- general for financial and administrative affairs.