Oil tanker overturns in Nawabshah, catches fire


Nawabshah July 1 (TNS): Yet in another devastating episode, an oil tanker overturned in the Qazi Ahmed area of Nawabshah on the National Highway on Saturday, catching fire instantly.

The speeding tanker with thousands of litres of petrol skidded off the road and overturned before engulfing in flames. Luckily, the oil tanker driver remained unhurt in the incident.

By the time the fire brigade team reached the scene with two vehicles, flames were raging from the burning oil tanker. The fire brigade team said that it will take at least two hours to douse the raging fire as their vehicles had little capacity for carrying water.

The police have blocked both tracks of the National Highway for all kind of traffic to avert any risk of moving vehicles catching fire as had happened in Ahmadpur Sharqia when several moving vehicles had caught the fire.

Soon after the oil tanker turned turtle, the police cordoned off the area and stopped people from going near the spilled oil. The oil tanker caught fire soon. The police have cautioned the residents to guard against the threat of fire as flames could engulf many areas, risking the civilian pollution and nearby properties.