Pak Army sacrifices acknowledged amid I’Day celebrations


Islamabad, August 15 (TNS): Pakistan celebrated its landmark 70th independence anniversary on Monday with the renewed pledge that its sovereignty will be safeguarded at any cost.

Commemorative ceremonies were held in the cities across the country to pay respect to the sacrifices of soldiers who laid their lives against the menace of terrorism during military operations like Zarb e Azb and Radd ul Fasad.

Among these ceremonies an impressive one was held in F-9 Park in capital city, Islamabad which was specially attended by Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan Air Force Suhail Aman. A large number of people irrespective of age and gender, wearing specially designed Pakistan colored cloths, chanting slogans and weaving flags have contributed to make the ceremony a special one.

The deafening sound of fighter jets of Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, participating in an Air show made the venue echoed with patriotic slogans and loud cheers from the crowd.

The aerobatic skills of the pilots have amused everyone.

On the occasion people were of the opinion that freedom is a precious thing for any nation and high esteemed nations beside celebrating with fervour does also respect and safeguard it.