Pak-Indo groups sung national anthems of each other will give you Goosebumps


Islamabad/New Delhi, August 14 (TNS): Pakistan and India — two countries born to freedom hours apart from each other, turn 70 this year.

Amid tense relations between two countries, it’s not a hush-hush topic that under current circumstances, the ties between the two neighbors is more than strained.

Thanks to group of artists from both nations, yet, it seems we are moving forward to peace and brotherhood between the two counties.

‘Voice Of Ram’, a Facebook group that has decided to celebrate the Indian Independence Day together with Pakistan by gathering artists from both sides of the border to sing each other’s national anthems: Pāk Sarzamīn (Pakistan) and Jana Gana Mana (India) In short, a Peace Anthem.

Watch national anthems of both countries sung by Pakistani and Indian artists: