Pakistan always remained at forefront of others’ wars: Ahsan Iqbal


ISLAMABAD Sept 21 (TNS):   Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Thursday that Pakistan always fought the wars of others, facing the brunt of it being at the forefront.

The minister for interior and development was addressing a ceremony in the capital. “A country cannot prosper without peace even if the best technocrats take leadership,” he said.

Iqbal said that during the Soviet-led war in Afghanistan, Pakistan participated thinking it would benefit the country, however, others reaped the benefits. “We were left with lack of peace, instability and millions of Aghan refugees,” he said.

Pakistan has been hosting the Afghan refugees since 35 years, but no one came to our aid, lamented Iqbal.

The interior minister said that before his party took reins in 2013, Pakistan was considered an extremely dangerous country.

“Now the same international media is giving news of stability of Pakistan’s economy,” said Iqbal.