Pakistan harbors no aggressive designs against India: FO


Islamabad, Oct 23 (TNS): Foreign Office says Pakistan does not harbor any aggressive designs, but our armed forces and people remain ready to defend the country against any acts of aggression.

In a statement issued in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson, Dr Muhammad Faisal said irresponsible allegations of the Indian Army Chief and the lack of response from India not only exposed the lies and deceit being employed as state policy and Indian aggressive posture which is a growing threat to regional peace and stability.

He said the visit of diplomatic corps further exposed the Indian falsehood to the international community and the desperate attempts being resorted by India to divert international attention from the humanitarian nightmare in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Earlier, Pakistan arranged the visit of the diplomatic corps in Islamabad along with national and foreign media to the site of recent Indian ceasefire violations which resulted in the shahadat of five innocent civilians on the Pakistani side and injuries to six others.

The diplomatic corps and media were taken to the LoC, including Jura to witness firsthand the fallacy of the Indian claims.

They personally witnessed the destruction of life and property resulting from the recent Indian ceasefire violations including use of heavy artillery.

The Indian High Commission officials in Islamabad were also invited but they did not show up.