Pakistan has a weak democracy: says Bilawal


MULTAN, April 22 (TNS): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Sunday that the country has a weak democracy.

Speaking to the media Bilawal, however, admitted that the way democracy progressed in the last 10 years has not happened before.

PPP chief expressed his hopes that upcoming transfer of power from one civilian government to another will be peaceful.

To a query, Bilawal said he believes that Supreme Court will give him justice as he has a lot of expectation from the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

“Judges do not speak themselves but their judgments do”, PPP chairman went on to say.

Bilwal also lashed out at former prime minister saying that Nawaz Sharif’s slogan of ‘respect the vote’ shows double standards of PML-N.

“I wonder where this slogan was when Nawaz removed Benazir Bhutto, from Prime Minster office in the late 90s”, he added.