Pakistan navy supports indigent populace amid pandemic lockdown


Islamabad, 05 Apr 2020 (TNS): Pakistan Navy is extending support to needy families in current difficult state due to Corona Virus Pandemic. In coordination with various philanthropist associations, Pakistan Navy distributed food/ commodities while reaching out to indigent families in various cities/ towns across Pakistan.

Thousands of ration bags (30 kg each) carrying basic food/ commodities were distributed to families of low paid employees of units & organizations and were also handed over to various Cantonments of Karachi including Sindh Police for further distribution to needy people in different localities. Pakistan Navy while taking utmost care of fisherman community distributed 32 tons of ration at Shams Pir Island, Karachi.

Pakistan Navy is resolutely extending its support by providing subsidize rates on basic food supplies at different residential areas. Additionally, food relief measures have also been taken on large scale to far flung areas and hundreds of ration bags were distributed at various rural villages of Coastal & Creeks areas including Blara, Ghazi Bale, Pathan Goth, Kappar, Surbandar, Ganz, Lal Basti, Damb and Theem Goth. In collaboration with a local NGO, Pakistan Navy parceled out large quantity ofration in Badin district and its suburbs including Jumma Malah Goth, Haji Bachal Soomro Goth, Kumbhar Mohalla Goth and few other villages of Jati.
In Islamabad, dry ration was distributed to needy families at Kachi Abadi area whereas, over thousands kilogram of ration was handed over to Union Councilor, Kot Radha Kishan for further distribution in ruraltowns/ villages in Lahore.

Pakistan Navy beside providing humanitarian assistance across Pakistan also conducting awareness campaigns to help in countering the challenge of ongoing Pandemic of Coronavirus.


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