Pakistan Post establishes links with all countries except Israel


ISLAMABAD, April 26 (TNS): Pakistan Post has established mail links with all the countries of the world except Israel. According to Pakistan Economic Survey, 2017-18, exchange of mail is carried out under rules and regulations of the Universal Postal Union.

Direct mail links exist with 68 countries and rest of the mail is exchanged by utilizing the transit facilities of intermediary countries.

Pakistan post dispatches more volume of mail than it receives for delivery.

Thus, it always remains net-creditor. Pakistan Post received an amount of Rs 14.870 million during the period from July 2017 to January 2018 on account of terminal dues for international mail received from and dispatched to other countries.

Pakistan Post has earned Rs10.8609 million during the period from April to December 2017 through commission on disbursement/recovery of First Micro Finance Bank (FMFB) loan and services/space provided to the FMFB operators.