Pakistan puts US envoy Colonel Joseph’s name on blacklist


ISLAMABAD April 24 (TNS): The Ministry of Interior on Tuesday put the name of United States ambassador Colonel Joseph Emmanuel on the blacklist, precluding the US Defence and air attaché from leaving the country.

A quick moving Land Cruiser, driven by Col, bounced a red light and hit a bike conveying two men at the crossing point of Margalla Road and Seventh Avenue in Islamabad in April. One of the men, Ateeq Mir, kicked the bucket on the spot while the other, Raheel Ahmed, got harmed.

The disclosure came amid a hearing at Islamabad High Court (IHC) after an appeal to be documented by the father of the perished.

Notification issued in supplication against US representative.

Speaking to the government, Deputy Attorney General Raja Khalid Mehmood informed the court that the inside service had set the US authority’s name on the “blacklist”.

Clarifying the term, he said his name was not added to the Exit Control List (ECL) as it was a protracted procedure while the blacklist service a similar need, however, is a less complex process where the Secretary of Interior is equipped expert to make the unequivocal stride.

Amid the hearing, Mehmood said since the Vienna Convention allowed Joseph diplomatic insusceptibility, experts in Pakistan couldn’t capture, keep or indict him. Nonetheless, the suspect could be researched. He included that if the US chooses to take up the case, the suspect could stand trial or potentially court military in his nation of origin. In any case, if the political resistance is reviewed by the Americans, Joseph can be arraigned in Pakistan.