Pakistan rejects Afghan claim of airspace violations


ISLAMABAD April 6 (TNS): Pakistan on Friday rejected Afghan allegations of violation of its airspace and air raids inside Afghan territory by the Pakistan Air Force’s jets, a foreign office statement said.

“Pakistani security forces were undertaking counter-terrorism operations in Bajaur Agency against terrorist groups who continued to attack Pakistan from their sanctuaries based on Afghan soil that had resulted in the loss of lives and injuries on the Pakistani side,” said the statement.

It said the information about the ongoing counter-terrorism operations was shared with the Afghan security forces on a regular basis. In the meeting of the Director Generals Military Operations of the two countries held in Rawalpindi, Pakistan shared details of the operations with the Afghan side indicating that these operations were on the Pakistani side of the border.

“Pakistan urges Afghanistan to focus on taking effective counter-terrorism actions including plugging of large gaps existing along the Afghan side of Pakistan-Afghanistan border to prevent the targeting of Pakistani civilians and security forces by terrorists from Afghan soil,” it added.

It is also important that the Afghan government should refrain from the blame game.

“Instead, there is a need to work together to combat terrorism and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation for shared progress and prosperity of the peoples of the two countries.”