Pakistan to always stand by Sri Lanka in time of need


COLOMBO, June 02(TNS): After successfully completing its 4-day rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations to relieve the aftershocks of recent floods and mudslides in Sri Lanka, Pakistan Naval Ship Zulfiquar left for Pakistan on Friday.

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed Khan Sipra, Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan along with officials of the High Commission saw off the PNS Zulfiquar at Colombo Port.

While praising and thanking the prodigious efforts of Pakistan Navy rescue, rehabilitation and medical teams, Dr. Sarfraz Sipra said that visit of Pakistan Navy Ship Zulfiquar to Colombo has succeeded in fulfilling their mandate to provide all-out support to the brotherly people and Government of Sri Lanka in order to overcome the shocks of recent floods and mudslides.

He lauded the officers and crew on this noble achievement under challenging circumstances. He expressed his deep pleasure on Pakistan navy’s pivotal role in strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two nations through Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations and mutual support.

He stressed that Pakistan as in the past will continue its all-out support to Sri Lanka in time of need and always stand side by side with them.”

On the special directives of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, PNS Zulfiquar arrived in Sri Lanka with relief goods, paramedical facilities and medicines, technical and diving teams and de-flooding pumps.

During the course of PNS Zulfiquar’s stay in Sri Lanka, thousands of patients were treated; a large number of people were rescued and relief goods provided to them; 97 water wells were decontaminated, de-flooding activities were also carried out in highly swamped areas.