Pakistan to launch remote sensing satellite in March 2018


Islamabad, Oct 4 (TNS): Pakistan will launch its first optical remote sensing satellite into space in March 2018, a member of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) said on Wednesday.

SUPARCO, the national space agency, formally kicked off World Space Week activities in 16 cities across the country on October 4, which will last until October 10.

Speaking on the occasion, SUPARCO Range and Instrumentation member Ayaz Aziz said that the country had also sent PakSat-1R into space in 2011. After the success of PakSat-1R, Pakistan will now be launching its first optical remote sensing satellite in March 2018, he added.

Aziz said that Pakistan at present is using a foreign satellite, however, after sending its remote sensing satellite into space the country will get rid of paying huge sums for using foreign satellites.

SUPARCO has been regularly conducting WSW activities each year to increase awareness of space technology and to promote its peaceful usage amongst students and the masses in Pakistan since 2005. This year, the commission has extended these activities throughout Pakistan while partnering with key educational institutions.