Pakistan-US partnership vital in achieving common goals: Iqbal


ISLAMABAD Oct 13 (TNS): Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal has emphasized over the importance of Pakistan-U.S. partnership in achieving common regional objectives and the promotion of mutual interests.

He was speaking at a round table discussion of U.S. scholars and think-tank analysts at the Middle East Institute in Washington.

The Minister also noted the successful rescue by Pakistani security forces of American national Caitlan Coleman and her family, who had been held captive in Afghanistan since 2012.

He said the release in an operation based on intelligence shared by the U.S. was testament to the value of close cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Iqbal also briefed the audience about the improved security environment in Pakistan while alluding to the significant decline in the incidence of terrorist attacks in Pakistan since 2013, which had restored foreign investor confidence in the country.

The Minister called Pakistan’s counter-terrorism strategy, based on the 20-point National Action Plan, a rare example of success in the fight against terrorism in the region.

The Minister, who also holds the portfolio for Planning, Development and Reform, said his government had turned around the country’s economy in the past four years, through policies of economic reform and infrastructure development.

He termed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a trans-formative project, which could be an engine for growth and prosperity in South and Central Asia.