Pakistan wants to solve water issues with India under IWT: Vawda


LAHORE, Nov 21 (TNS): Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda says Pakistan wants to resolve all the water-related issues with India in accordance with the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT).

“I am ready to sit with India to resolve these issues amicably. But I will never compromise on our country’s water rights, sovereignty and dignity. I will neither do any wrong with India nor will allow India to do the same with my country,” the minister said while responding to various questions raised by journalists during a media talk at Wapda House on Tuesday.

The question was raised in the context of India’s delay in getting its hydropower projects at Chenab and Jhelum basins inspected by Pakistani authorities during the last few months after initial willingness.

“On various occasions during the past, the situation appeared to be problematic and difficult especially at a time when both the countries were about to resolve various issues. So I don’t want to comment in a way that makes the situation problematic while resolving the water-related and other issues,” said the minister who was flanked by the Wapda chairman, retired Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain, Federal Secretary Shumail Khwaja and Joint Secretary Syed Mehr Ali Shah.