Pakistan will not fight anyone’s proxy war: Kh Asif


Islamabad March 9 (TNS): Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Friday made it clear that Pakistan will not fight anyone’s proxy war in any country or in the region.

Giving a policy statement in the National Assembly, he said that big powers and their proxies have played havoc in Libya, Syria and Iran and their next target is Pakistan and the country will have to carve out a way, refraining from jumping into the wars of others, like it did in the past.

“Our former rulers compromised on the national integrity and interest for the sake of their own interest and to prolong their own rule of power. Now onwards, Pakistan will protect its own interest but not fight anyone else’s proxy war,” he said making it clear that Pakistan will not jump into internal conflicts of Muslim countries be it the Yamen, Iraq or Syrian wars or the internal conflict in Afghanistan.

He said that our forces in Saudi Arabia were much less than when our presence there was in the 80s and 90s. “We have only decided to take care of the internal security of Saudi Arabia and we will never send our forces to fight the war in Yamen,” Asif said.

The foreign minister expressed his astonishment that despite the presence of forces of 15 countries and the US, the heroin production was rampant in Afghanistan and one to nine tons of heroin is produced in the war-torn country and it is sold around the world. “Around $134 million worth heroin is circulated and sold around the world,” he said.

“We fought the American war as a proxy but in return what did to our country… heroin and Kalashnikov culture and suicide and bomb blasts,” he said mentioning that the whole Muslim Ummah was in tatters.

Asif questioned who brought Daesh to Afghanistsn. He said that it was part of a clandestine and great game and Pakistan could be the next target of the nefarious forces.

He also said that around 2.4 million people were killed in Iraq and around 0.7 million in Syria and the war continues unabated.

Asif said that peace in Afghanistan was the desire of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.