Pakistan will not take any dictation from any country: NA told


Islamabad, Jan. 18 (TNS): Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Thursday categorically stated that Pakistan will not take any dictation from any power or country vis-à-vis its role in the region but this will be guided by the national interests.

Responding to the questions of members in National Assembly, he said Pakistan will continue its efforts to achieve peace both on its eastern and western borders.

He regretted that in the past national interests were compromised but over the last three and four years, we have remained successful to align our role to the national interests. He said despite playing the role of facilitator for the US for so long, Pakistan over the past few months has got nothing but accusations in return.

The Foreign Minister said that a meeting of the parliamentary committee on national security chaired by the speaker is expected to be held on the 1st of next month to discuss the situation arising out of the US President Donald Trump’s tweet.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan believes that peace and stability in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. He said the only solution to Afghan conflict lies in a politically negotiated settlement that is owned and led by Afghans.