Pakistan’s coal-based power resources highly productive, environment friendly: Chinese Electric Corporation Vice President


Beijing, May 16 (TNS): China believes that Pakistan’s coal-based power resources are highly productive and environment-friendly and could contribute a lot, enabling the country to produce surplus electricity.

This was stated by Hu Weidong, Vice President of Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) that has been actively engaged in exploiting Pakistan’s energy resources. He said Pakistan’s coal-fired power projects are environment-friendly because clean combustion technology with high efficiency and capacity is being used which is robust with zero emissions.

He was briefing a media delegation from Asia Pacific countries during their visit to the company in China’s Sichuan province. DEC is China’s one of the 53 State’s Owned Enterprises and it attaches top priority to protect the environment during the production of electricity.

It is one of the world largest power generating equipment manufacturers and power plant contractors that has major role in the development of coal-based projects in Pakistan.

He was confident that after completion of ongoing power projects, Pakistan will have surplus of electricity and its severe energy crisis will end.

Dongfang Electric Corporation was using supercritical technically for combustion in generating power units in coal-fired power projects and it is modern technology to burn the coal with and zero emission in the generation of electricity to Pakistan.

“I have just come back from Pakistan and he was delighted to see that the country’s severe energy crisis was going to end soon. After completion of ongoing power projects, Pakistan will be in much better position in the power sector, he said adding ” We feel the pleasure that we have done a lot for resolving Pakistan’s energy problem.

“Recently, they have completed Port Qasim power project in Karachi. They also supplied 660 megawatts major steam turbine generator. Our company has also signed first project under the name of Carrot hydro power project that is part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and it would be the largest hydro project.

The company in the past completed Ghazi Brotha dam. While answering a question, he said that Pakistan has abundant coal resources in Thar and other areas and it has also abundant hydro power’s potential which is very environmental friendly.

“As for as coal-fired power projects are concerned, sometimes people become afraid but coal-fired power projects with clean combustion technology is a good choice if clean combustion technology is used, he said.

He further added that DEC is producing clean energy by using modern technology as it has completed many nuclear power stations in China and the company has lot of overseas experience. It has intensified efforts in developing high-efficient clean energy capacity in developing hydro, thermal, nuclear, gas, wind and solar power equipment.