PCB refused to issue accreditation to renowned Sports journalist Asghar Ali


Islamabad, Sept 17 (TNS): The PCB does not have a media policy, on the historical occasions the PCB media officials refused to issue accreditation card to world cup 1996 fame world’s renowned Pakistani journalist. Sports journalist protested against this discrimination. \

They said: ”Pakistan Cricket Bard media department totally failed to highlight the soft image of the Pakistan. The liking and disliking policy was showed during the issue of media accreditation cards for local’s media as well national media. Chairman Najam Sethi is himself a seasoned journalist and knows its importance very well, but why PCB’s media people are not being utilized properly is incomprehensible”.

“It is most surprising that all media officers are sitting at PCB head office in Lahore. Chairman Najam Sethi has been facing print and electronic media critics with no satisfactory responses or rebuttals. There was no responsible media officer for the entire series to facilitate the national media in this regards. Asghar Ali Mubarak who is covering sports for last more than 30 years for world’s leading newspaper. Asghar Ali Mubarak approached for a media accreditation on 4th September 2017 but he was categorically refused by PCB media department even for a single match”, they added.

More than 25 nonprofessionals so called media officials were appointed in the PCB’s media, social media and marketing department on lucrative salaries and lavish perks. However there are totally unaware how deal media due to lack of knowledge, educational back ground and poor communication skills.