Pervez Rasheed asks PML-N to expel Ch. Nisar from party


Islamabad, Jan. 16 (TNS): War of words continues between leaders of ruling party as Pervez Rashid on Monday asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz to expel Chaudhry Nisar from the party.

“Chaudhry Nisar wanted to have me expelled from the party to please someone,” Rashid said during an interview. “Some people wanted to oust me from the federal Cabinet.”

“He [Nisar] arranged the scheme of things in a way that he was able to please them,” he added.

Rashid went on to say, “I don’t want to name a particular institution but it was a group in the military whom Nisar attempted to please with my ouster.”

Nisar, he added, shouldn’t be in the party and it is up to the leadership to make a decision in this regard. “If I’m asked, I will definitely say that a decision needs to be made on [whether] Nisar [should retain his party membership].”

According to Rashid, the former interior minister issued misleading statements against the party when it was facing a test [following the controversy].