Plantation activity in the area is in full swing by CDA and ICT


Islamabad, July 12 (TNS): Capital Development Authority along with Islamabad Capital Administration and Metropolitan Corporation is rehabilitating the right of way of Kashmir Highway. After the retrieval of land from illegal occupants and leveling of debris of demolished structures tree plantation activity in the area is in full swing.

Taking advantage of the monsoon season, massive tree plantation is being carried out in the vicinity so that the survival rate could be maximized. Furthermore, saplings of indigenous species as well as grown plants are being planted to ensure their survival. While carrying out tree plantation, ever green trees are being preferred so that they not only add to the beauty of the city but could have better impact on the environment of the city. The species which are being planted include Amaltas, Bottlebrush, Kachnar and Sukhchain. Residents of the city and other organizations are also being engaged in the process.

The tree plantation is being carried out with mutual collaboration of CDA, ICT Administration and MCI. CDA has reiterated that authority will provide its assistance in all the efforts aimed for the beautification of the city.