PM Khan vows to back Buzdar for slot of CM Punjab



Islamabad, Aug. 18 (TNS): Prime minister Imran Khan vowed to back, Sardar Usman Buzdar, PTI nominee for slot of Punjab Chief Minister.

In series of tweets, Khan said that found Buzdar to be an honest man


“I want to make it clear I stand by our nominee Usman Buzdar for CM Punjab. I have done my due diligence over the past 2 weeks & have found him to be an honest man. He has integrity & stands by my vision & ideology of Naya Pakistan”, PM tweeted.

The Prime Minister added that Buzdar, who comes from backward areas of Punjab, could understand the problems and can uplift those deprived areas.

Usman comes from one of the most backward areas of Punjab – the tribal area of DG Khan Division. It is an area that has no electricity, water or a doctor for over 200,000 ppl. He understands the problems of the ppl of neglected areas & will be able to ensure their uplift as CM.