PM nominates Ehsan Mani as new Chairman PCB


ISLAMABAD, Aug 20 (TNS): Newly elected Premier Imran Khan on Monday has named Ehsan Mani as new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, announced PM Imran Khan on Monday.

“He brings vast and valuable experience to the job,” PM tweeted and added that he represented PCB in the ICC, was Treasurer ICC for 3 years and then headed the ICC for another 3 years.

Just after announcing the nomination of Ehsan Mani, Imran Khan posted another tweet in which he tried to clarify that his nomination is well under a set procedure and after nomination Mr Mani may then contest elections for the position of Chairman PCB.

“We will follow the set procedure which entails my nominating him on the PCB Board of Governors. He may then contest elections for the position of Chairman PCB,” the prime minister said in another tweet shortly afterwards.

The decision came a few hours after Najam Sethi tendered his resignation as the PCB chairman.

“I was waiting for the new Prime Minister to take oath before submitting my resignation as PCB Chairman, which I have done today,” Mr Sethi tweeted. “I wish PCB all the best and hope our cricket team goes from strength to strength.”

In his resignation letter, Mr Sethi said that “you have said on many occasions that you have a vision for Pakistan cricket”.

“In order to facilitate your objectives in the interest of Pakistan cricket, I hereby submit my resignation as Chairman of PCB Member of its BoG.” Said Sethi.