PM to attend ceremony today over Pak response to Indian aggression on Feb 26, 2019


Islamabad: Feb 26, 2020 (TNS): Prime Minister Imran Khan will be chief guest at a ceremony, being held in Islamabad on Wednesday, to commemorate the first anniversary of Pakistan’s Responsible and Resolute Response to Indian Aggression of 26th February 2019.

In the aftermath of the Pulwama incident in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan extended every possible cooperation to India. Pakistan reiterated its stance that it wants peace in the region and did not want war. At the same time, Pakistan made it very clear that it will not let aggression go unchecked and will retaliate if attacked.

However, on 26th February 2019 India violated Pakistani airspace and conducted air strike inside Pakistan’ territory. To clearly signal Pakistan’s resolve to defend itself against Indian aggression, the valiant Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured Indian pilot wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

Throughout the crisis, Pakistan Armed Forces displayed full combat readiness and acted with a high degree of inter-service harmony.

During this period, Pakistan showed that it was one nation, one soul. Its civil and military leadership showed restraint as it acted with extreme responsibility and preserved peace with dignity.

As a peace gesture, Pakistan provided medical care and its traditional hospitality to the captured Indian pilot Abhinandan and voluntarily returned him to Indian authorities.

Pakistan’s actions during the standoff demonstrated that aggression towards motherland will not be tolerated and the armed forces are ever ready and fully capable to foil any kind of aggression.

Pakistan has always professed peaceful coexistence and preservation of peace in the region. The country’s stance has been that its pursuance for peace with India should not be taken as a weakness, rather it is a step towards progress and development to take the people of the region out of poverty. Pakistan has proved to be a partner for peace and its strategic importance cannot be ignored.