PML-N govt damaged Pakistan’s economy, no enemy could do: says Imran


Islamabad, Sept 7 (TNS): Snubbing PML-N economic gains, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman claimed that economy of the country has never been such weak.

During a news conference focusing on the country’s economy, Imran said the PML-N government has damaged the economy of the country in a way that even enemies could not have.  He added that $30 billion is the deficit between exports and imports in the country, but there has been a lack of foreign direct investment despite the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Referring to previous governments, Imran said there was more investment in the country during Asif Zardari and Pervez Musharraf’s tenure. Criticising the ruling PML-N, he said they keep claiming that progress has been brought to the country during their progress. “Please tell me what progress have you brought? There has been no investment, direct taxation did not occur and yet they keep on claiming that they have brought about development,” said the PTI chairman.

“You need to bring your house in order first.” Imran Khan called Finance Minister Ishaq Dar ‘Pakistan’s economic hitman.’ Khan also called for the immediate resignation of Dar in light of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) reference against him. The PTI chairman claimed the debt of the country increased by $18 billion after the PML-N government took power and external debt and liabilities increased to $80 billion in FY2016 -17. Imran also claimed that tax revenue was only increased by the government by increasing taxes on basic good.  “Ishaq Dar kept on saying that tax revenue has increased.”

He also said that circular debt in the country’s electrical generation has increased despite a decrease in global oil prices. The PTI chairman also alleged that the former head of the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) would send billions to Dubai every month. Earlier on Thursday, a meeting of NAB’s executive board decided to file three corruption references against members of the Sharif family and one against Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

After the Supreme Court announced the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister on July 28, NAB was ordered to file several references against Nawaz, his children Hussain, Hasan, and Maryam, son-in-law MNA Capt (retd) Safdar and Dar. Khan said that whenever you bring a new reform, the existing status quo opposes it.

“Nowhere in the world MNAs or MPAs spend development funds; it’s the job of the local governments. Public representatives are only supposed to legislate,” he said. “None of the democratic governments allowed local government system in the country, these were only the dictatorial regimes who formed local bodies. We provided these funds up to the level of village councils.” The PTI chairman also vowed to directly elect district heads like the way in Britain, saying the election for district chairmen would be held on party basis.