PML-N govt responsible for Washington’s recent actions: Imran


Islamabad, Jan. 5 (TNS): Lashing out at Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Imran Khan on Friday blamed the current government for the recent anti-Pakistan statements and actions taken by the United States.

Addressing a fiery press conference outside his Bani Gala residence in Islamabad, he said political elite of the country were responsible for the threats and strained relations between the two countries.

“We don’t need others to defame Pakistan, our leaders are doing the service for them,” said the PTI chief, adding that despite losing billions of rupees and precious lives, the country was being blamed for US failures in Afghanistan.

Citing the Wikileaks documents, Imran said Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had asked a US envoy for evidence against Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaatud Dawa (Jud) outfit and assured them full support in this regard.

He claimed that Shehbaz had put forward four demands including his elder brother Nawaz Sharif’s third attempt at prime minister’s slot and restoration of his party’s government against governor rule in Punjab, before the US diplomat.

The PTI chief criticised deposed primier Nawaz Sharif for threatening to break his silence over ‘behind the curtains dealings’ during his four-year rule, saying he should have done that while he was in power.

Imrann said the issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwat (the finality of the Prophethood) can now be easily understood after the US has added the country in a watch list for minorities and religious freedom violation. “Now we know on whose behest they amended the Khatm-e-Nabuwat clause,” he remarked.

He said the PML-N leadership was playing the role a modern-day “Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq”.

Speaking in English for the foreign media, Imran said Pakistan is the one country most interested in Afghanistan peace. “We stand to lose most if Afghanistan is destabilised,” he said.

Blaming Pakistan for the failures of United States in Afghanistan was travesty of justice and deeply humiliating for the people of Pakistan, he added.

“How can a handful of terrorists stop US from winning the Afghan war?” he questioned. “That is how Cambodia was destroyed in Vietnam War. They bombed Cambodia and one million people died,” he added.

Imran Khan said the US decision of cutting aid to Pakistan was a ‘blessing in disguise’.