PML-N, PPP top leaders to hold key talks  



Islamabad, July 29 (TNS): Amid formations of new political alliances, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party senior leaders are meeting on Sunday in Islamabad.

PPP leader Naveed Qamar, Shery Rehman and Khursheed Shah reached Islamabad to hold key talks with their counterparts of PML-N.

The meeting is scheduled at residence of ex-Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq in Ministerial Colony on Sunday Evening.

Earlier, Shehbaz met with PPP leader Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood in Lahore to discuss a coalition government in the province.

In the meeting Shehbaz vowed to meet PPP leadership with both sides agreeing to work together for democracy in the future.

Sources say that former speaker of the national assembly Ayaz Sadiq has sent the party’s message to PPP leader Khursheed Shah, with both leaders set to meet tomorrow in Islamabad.

It is also believed that Shehbaz will also sit in on the meeting as well.

In the meeting both parties will discuss forming a joint opposition in the National Assembly and any course of action to be taken in the near future.

The two biggest opposition parties will also take on board other players in parliament.

While they will also look to convince parties that have decided to abstain from taking oath in the parliament to do so.

Similarly, the PML-N tried to make contact with PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, however despite Sadiq’s calls to him, he could not be reached in this regard.