PML-N Rawalpindi chapter split into two groups over issuing tickets for next elections


Rawalpindi, March 22 (TNS): The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has split into two groups on the issue of party tickets for candidates for the next general election.

Each group lead by Chaudhry Tanveer Ali and Haneef Abbasi wants their respective leadership be vested with the power to issue party tickets. The group led by Chaudhry Tanveer Ali says that Tanveer helped the party clinch all seats in local government elections held in 2016 and the PML-N activists in Rawalpindi trust him. This group further says that if the PML-N empowers Tanveer in issuing part tickets, the party can again clean sweep the next general election.

On the other hand, the group led by PML-N stalwart Abbasi says that Abbasi has laid a network of development projects in Rawalpindi district and he should be vested with the powers to issue tickets for candidates for the next general election. The differences between the two groups has clearly put the PML-N in an awkward situation in Rawalpindi and if the senior leadership fails to intervene to sort out the difference, it could have a negative bearing on the performance of the party in the next general election.