PM’s security team will be restricted to FJA building


Islamabad June 15 (TNS): As Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is appearing before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to testify in the Panama papers case amidst highest security cordon, his personal security will be restricted to the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA) building where the JIT is headquartered.

Security sources told NTS that the security staff will give a clearance of the JIT investigation room before retreating and allowing the prime minister to entered the most protected room to face the six-member JIT team at 11 am on Thursday.

According to the police, all roads leading to the FJA will remain closed and no unsanctioned vehicle will be allowed to enter the FJA premises except for the media crew and their DSN vehicles, for which an area has been allocated.

Around 2,500 security personnel perform the duty by securing all roads and streets leading to the FJA.

The prime minister has already barred the PML-N workers from showing up at the FJA to express support and sympathy with him, asking them to remember him in their prayers.

Barb wires have been erected around the FJA building, turning it into a virtual Red Zone. A bullet proof dice has been erected outside the FJA by the security officials.

Meanwhile, Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al-Thani, who wrote a letter in support of the Sharif family’s foreign holdings, has said that the royal family member has no qualms if investigators visit him in Doha to record his statement.