Police Martyrdom Day: Islamabad police offers respect to fallen heroes



Islamabad, August 4 (TNS): On the occasion of Police martyrdom day Islamabad police on saturday offered respects to the martyrs who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Inspector General (IG) Islamabad was also presents along with other senior officials on the day of remembrance of their unsung heroes.

In remembrance of the martyrs IG Islamabad brought flowers and offered prayers for them and their families.

The families of the martyrs were also present on the occasion to remember their loved ones.

“The martyrs who died in the line of duty for this nation will never be forgotten and I salute to the families who have played a great part in giving heroes to the nation” IG Islamabad said.

“Islamabad police authorities will also introduce an incentive package for the martyrs” IG Islamabad added.